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Pabgha (bah-kha) is a self-taught Hmong American artist and illustrator in Twin Cities, Minnesota. She makes stellar handcrafted items that would bring a tint of happiness. She hopes those who uses her products would feel the subtle joy in their everyday, yet hardship, life.Feel free to check out her works down below:

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Pabgha's creations inspire from love, confidence, and warm bubbly feelings.

Being Hmong is the way of [my] life. I can't imagine living without it.

"Starting Over"

" I hope those who uses my handmade products would feel the subtle joy in their everyday life". - Pabgha


Coming Soon.My current shop is located at Etsy.


April 11th, 2023|| Tues @ 9:15pm
Spring is here at last! I was a vender at Anime Detour's artist alley during this past weekend. I am forever thankful for this opportunity-- the organization, the AA's team, and reuniting with my fans and artist friends. I made new artist friends and was able to share my artist mission with new fans. It was a exhausting weekend.
My next event is Hmong Art and Craft Fair on April 29th, 2023, at Eagan Community Center, Minnesota.
January 1st, 2023 || Sunday at 11:38pmFirst off, Happy New Year! I attended SEVEN art related events from May to November 2022, and my artist support system expanded. I am filled with gratitude and happiness for the relationship, experiences, and memories made during this adventure and more to come in 2023.

My goals for 2023 is....

  • Continue creating stellar magic and sharing the beauty to the world

  • Be proactive in my social media life (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, & Tiktok) by posting weekly.

  • Have an sustainable, yet healthy, schedule and routine that balance between my day & passion job.

  • Have a online art shop running.

  • Enjoy life along the journey

I appreciate your time reading all of this. May you have a wonderful evening, morning, or afternoon.
Next time~ Pabgha


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